• Ten Reasons To Get a New Roof.

    1.- If you do not know how old your roof is, periodic inspection on the underside of the roof decking in the attic is an easy way to spot problems. If you begin to see water stains in the wood, you should the roof inspected for damaged shingles.

    2.-Did you know that the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends that you have your roof inspected at least 2 times a year: spring and fall? If you notice that shingles are curling or missing, then it’s definitely time for repair or replacement.

    3.-When your roof is damaged in a severe storm, it’s important to call in a roofing specialist right away to assess the damage. Not taking any action in this case could lead to more extensive damage to your roof or interior water leaks.

    4.-Technology has advanced so that metal roofing tiles can be made in various colors and often do not look like metal. If you are interested in the easy maintenance and long-lasting properties of a metal roof, we can handle that installation for you.

    5.-Have you been thinking that you might handle your roofing repairs on your own in order to save money? Remember, your chances for injury are higher on a roof than anywhere else in your home, so you may not end up saving as much money as you think.

    6.-A roof not only keeps the elements from entering your home, but it also is the first barrier for dangerous UV rays from the sun. Ask us about roofing members that offer some protection from direct sunlight.

    7.-A significant part of the curb appeal of your home involves the condition and appearance of your roof. If you are considering selling your home, a new roof will make your home a more attractive property to potential home buyers.

    8.-Don’t assume you need a new roof if a leak develops. For example, part of the flashing may have come loose. If the rest of the roof is in good shape, a roofing contract can repair only the problem area, saving you plenty of money.

    9.-Remember, it’s your roof that goes the extra mile to keep your family safe and comfortable during extreme weather. Keeping it in good repair is the best way to avoid unexpected problems later.

    10.-Have you been putting off contacting us because you don’t want to learn that your entire roof needs replacement? Remember, the longer you wait to repair a damaged roof, the more likely it will require a full replacement.

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